All I want or what I want.

All I want or what I want. I listened Lambada today, I was driving home from work, with a bit of luck I haven’t had any accident, or produced one. I know myself, I dream with my eyes open, I’m not present anymore. I listened on repeat that song, several times and I was in […]

Thousand things or none.

I have a thousand things to say to you, and a thousand reasons not to. People are more what they hide than what they say. It is never as scary as it looks, life it’s a movement state, not a static state, you can’t fight life, and life has to follow you, not you to […]

Time is passing

I’m watching you as the time is passing. I don’t know where I saw that, or heard, but today I feel it in my bones. I know is supposed to be metaphorical, but it is not. I’m really watching you and the time, is really passing. It hurts. It’s been a while since we talked […]

Business and pleasure

Hello, OK guys, we went to Split with a lot of motivation and joy to make our movie, after seven hours on the road without air condition we finally arrived in Split, we lost our way there, of course without gps it was fun to find the place, we were lucky because we remembered something […]


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