All I want or what I want.

All I want or what I want.

I listened Lambada today, I was driving home from work, with a bit of luck I haven’t had any accident, or produced one. I know myself, I dream with my eyes open, I’m not present anymore. I listened on repeat that song, several times and I was in Brazil this time. I was on the beach and I was dancing in the sand.

Well, I don’t even know how to dance but I remember perfectly the video clip. I was really young when I first saw it, with that two kids dancing even though their parents wouldn’t allow. The father of the girl especially, but the young boy didn’t give up. His mother was even better than him, she invited her father to dance and they all ended up dancing, smiling and just be happy. It’s good that I remember the story but I don’t remember when I last saw the video clip.

It’s funny how the mind works, it’s fascinating. But what it’s actually more fascinating is the kids’ mind, how it works. They just liked each other and they were so pure and eager to share a moment together, a moment of happiness and even if the parents were not allowing that they still danced, just beautiful.

I was actually pretty impressed with the mother, she saw everything and she acted and she made it even more beautiful. Where did we screw everything up?

You can watch the video clip yourself and you will probably see another version of the events. My version is that we are so behind in life and so far away from what is called, happiness. Look at those kids, they didn’t listen, and they were happy. Look at the mother, she was so open and also didn’t think too much, she just acted. But now look at the father, why wouldn’t let her daughter dancing with that boy? I’m guessing prejudices.

Who is making these standards, who is telling us be happy? Who are these who are brainwashing us? Telling us, do that, make that, you will be happy. Or, you have a dream car, you have a home, hell you are loaded with money, no problem whatsoever.

I truly believe these standards are making us sick, superficiality makes us sick. Problems, hmm, I actually like problems, it’s not my idea but I felt it for a long time, just to be confirmed by a book. I’m just going to ask you, a simple question, how do you feel after solving a problem? I’m not going to answer for you, you know how. Yeah, we only have problems; you solve one, comes the next one, o really? Good morning people, life is a problem.

I’m just writing things, I just leave my mind free, and before I write something I don’t even think about it. I don’t have a plan or topic in my mind. Why would you listen to me? I don’t care really. You know why, because there is fact, you read something, you see something, you feel something, it’s already on your mind. It’s happening with me too, I say I don’t care, who is this to tell me what to do, what he knows. When you dream and you see a face, but you don’t know that face, well, I will surprise you, you saw that face in your life time. Our brain, magical as it is, it cannot make up a face.

So, in conclusion, what do I do? I’m trying to be what I want and  how I want to be and I’m trying not to close any door, in that way I will not miss the opportunity to learn something, about anything or anyone, I said, I’m trying J

All I want or what I want.

All I want is you to think, how to be free, because I do for myself. What I want, is you to answer.

P.S The answer is in the next sentence and it goes like this: What is the color of you t-shirt? Common admit it, you looked to see it. Just a minor mind game. Or  it’s not a t-shirt…


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