Thousand things or none.

I have a thousand things to say to you, and a thousand reasons not to.

People are more what they hide than what they say. It is never as scary as it looks, life it’s a movement state, not a static state, you can’t fight life, and life has to follow you, not you to follow the life. People always leave but the heart will always remember. Think about that day in the past, when you said it can’t go worse, or what’s the end of this. What did you do? Probably nothing, life happened and now you are here, it’s gone, so what happens today, it won’t stay in your life for long. Am I playing with your mind now? Did you really think about what I said?

Probably. What do you feel now?

They say follow your passion, they say to behave yourself and to be good with others. But what do you think about this? Let your passion to follow you. Maybe you are chasing the wrong thing for you. Are you passionate about something? Think how you got there and how does it make you feel. Great, I would say. Are you wondering how and why? Make this exercise with me. Today it will be sunny or today it will be raining, take some extra layer, big changes. What do you prefer or can you relate somehow? Make an analogy. If you think like this, can it be an influence on you? They say pain changes people, have you ever wonder how? Better or worse? I think you are great in your own way. Today, yesterday, tomorrow, routine? Don’t think so, just embrace what it comes, you can’t fight it anyway.

Quiz, have you ever wondered about how many people are you thinking in day? Take a break now, you just did 🙂

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