Business and pleasure


OK guys, we went to Split with a lot of motivation and joy to make our movie, after seven hours on the road without air condition we finally arrived in Split, we lost our way there, of course without gps it was fun to find the place, we were lucky because we remembered something from the last time when we were there, after that we went to meet with the other volunteers, they were at mid-term training. we were lucky again because the hotel it was very near to us, first day we filmed the first group on the beach 🙂 and the second day we filmed in the center, I want to say thank you for volunteers who wanted to participate, still more to come, in two weeks we’ll go to Orahovica for an on arrival training where we will meet another volunteers, so more material more chances to succeed  and to work of course.

Pleasure now, except the work we enjoyed the company and the opportunity to meet another volunteers, of course the sea. After Split we went to Pag Island, Novalja, amazing, I never see in my life such a nice place, the water, beach, night life ( ok it’s not like in Vama Veche), great experience, I think we over tanned but doesn’t matter, the host was amazing, he helped us to fix the car, he gave us Rakia 🙂 I cannot wait to come back there.

I will post pictures now,

Until next time. have a nice week

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