Another week just past, the time is passing so quickly, maybe to fast, this week started UEFA 2012, now we’ll have one month only football, unfortunate Romania its not there but we have Croatia, the second home, I hope they will do something nice, it will be nice to party on the street with all the Croatian people, so GOO Croatia!!!

This week-end we spend some quality time with Cristina’s Teta, she invited us for her daughter birthday, we went in Baranja, approx 50 km from Osijek, very nice, very good food, very nice people and kind, we took a walk near the Danube and we saw Serbia on the other side, very nice but because we are volunteers and we don’t have that much money we were a little bit stress because we didn’t have gas, what can I say? With a little bit help from Cristina’s Teta we managed and everything was perfect, Thank you Cristina’s Teta

Next time I will put some pictures, its more interesting. no?


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