I don’t know from where to start, last week Cristina had celebration at her kindergarten so I went, it was nice to see how the tetas and the parents thank Cristina because of this year, she did a great job there, I’m proud of her.

What else, at my kindergarten we had a meeting with parents and kids for the last time, because my group is going to school next year most of them will not come anymore to kindergarten, it’s very sad because I started to like them very much and I will miss them, this made me think how grateful I’m because I could stay with them for one year of they’re life, now I’m sad because everything is going to end, I have to say this, when I will leave I will miss my tetas very much, great people and great friends.

Saturday we went to Novi Sad but next time I will write more about this, because I went there or I don’t know why, today I was to hospital, apparently I have some problems with my throat that need more attention and of course antibiotics.


Until next week, all the best for you

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