Interesting week


Let’s start with what happened last week, so we have kindergarten, filming, trip and Hospital ๐Ÿ™‚

Kindergarten, we had the final event, celebration. it was sad but in the same time very very nice, I was nervous and excited to see the performance of the kids, a lot of tears, because my group is going to school next year, I was surprised by the parents because they thanked me and they told me I was a star for the kids, it was nice to see that somebody is really appreciating me, sincerely, also the parents gave me a t-shirt with the kids pictures printed on the chest, very emotional everything, we took pictures and we hug a lot… I will miss these kids and of course I will miss my Teta’s. Maybe very soon I will post some pictures.

Filming. we started to do our personal project, it wasn’t easy like we hoped, so for two days we tried to shot some short scene with Marta Gomez from Vukovar (our good friend) and with Loren ( new friend) , it was funny and let’s just hope at the end we will have something really nice. We are looking forward for the next challenge.

Trip, yes we did it again, with The Dacia we went to Pecs in Hungary.very nice town. very nice roads :P, unfortunately I was sick and I’m still sick but it was great!!!! So The Dacia was already to Serbia,Croatia,Hungary and will not stop here ๐Ÿ˜€

Hospital, a perfect Saturday evening, instead to go in some pubs or clubs our health conditions told us to go to hospital, so for four hours we enjoyed and we spend quality time there, I am joking…so now I’m under antibiotics and let’s just hope everything will be great ‘a soon as possible’ , big minus for the Host Organization for this kind of things because when something is emergency or I don’t what, they work from Monday to Friday between 09-13 so the are not reachable for anything, but let’s just forget them, aaa I don’t have medical paper to prove that I’m sick!!! Next time.

See you very soon,


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