People we had the presentation about Romania, I don’t  know if it was a good one because at home for me and Cristina was good but on the presentation something went wrong :P, we had almost 20 people and I really hope they liked our work. In the beginning when we start to work we thought it will be very easy but when we went deep in research we find out you can not make a presentation about Romania or Bucharest and to present in one our, it’s a lot people…and in the same time we realised how much we miss our country, very soon we will go for the Easter :). What else? At kindergarten we painted eggs and we did a lot of nice things regarding Easter, I will post some pictures for you to see what this kids can do.

I don’t know what else to say, it was a crazy week, we worked a lot, more than in the Time Sheet :), I think it was a great experience and I’m so glad because at my presentation were all my friends, so I want to say again, THANK YOU, I received positive feedbacks and this matters.

Now the pictures:

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