Ohh so much time since I didn’t ride the bike, last Sunday I went with bike to explore and to enjoy the sun, for 1 hour I had time to think and to relax a little bit, it’s a lot of pressure right now here, everything it’s controlled and you start to think and to realise this is not anymore a non formal education, unfortunate, but I decided not every post I will do to be only about this things, so lets start with what am I doing here?

We started to have more activities, like socializing at the Youth Club, University, personal project and writing articles, to be more specific, at Youth Club for now, we just play pool (I think I will be champion,very soon) and try to make conversation with the youngsters, it’s a little bit hard because I don’t know Croatian but let’s just say I practice my Croatian, I started to speak but just a little bit, at University, we have to go there with some questioner (written in Croatian, so you can imagine how good and how much I know what is written there) but it’s fun to go there to meet some new people.

Personal project, we decided to make a short movie to promote EVS in Croatia with volunteers from different parts of this country, we thought some thing like every volunteer to have 30 seconds or more to speak about his/her experience in Croatia and what he/she is doing here. I think it’s a great idea but we have to plan a lot to do this, in our head it’s very simple but you know in real life ii’s not like that, very precise and very motivated I think at the end we will have a great movie.

I want to say at the end because now the wheather it will start to be very good, go and ride the bike and drive safe (not drunk because here you can receive a fine :p).

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