Movie time

Hello, hello

What happened last week?

In the last post I told you about one boy from Macedonia he is coming here to teach us how to make a movie, he arrived last Tuesday, Oliver it is his name, very cool boy and very smart, from the first meeting he show us the program and he put us to edit one movie to see it if we can learn something :P, after, we made the schedule for the week because we had to do pictures and movie to promote the EVS and the Youth Center.

We decided to make the pictures and the movie in the week-end, this was a great idea because we had more time to practice and more time to think about the story for the movie and for the pictures too, we made brainstorm sessions several times and it went excellent.

What else? Last week they change my teacher, for Croatian, the name of this girl it is Biljana, why I am telling you about this? Because Biljana help us a lot with the movie and with the pictures too, she is a great girl and very active one, the days passed and the week-end just arrived and after long meetings we made the plane for the pictures and we made the scenario for movie. Of course this week was not only work, in the night we went out and we spend quality time together, it was nice to see how people from 3 different countries understand each other.

Friday night we received one news about one EVS girl from Vukovar (very close city to us) she came to stay with us for the week-end, Marta Gomes from Spain, hello Marta I know you read now :D.

Saturday morning we went in the center and we made the picture, it was very cold outside but we made good pictures, we are pro :d, in the night we went out and drink some juice and I tried to speak in Spanish with Marta, great experience.

Sunday, the big day arrived, we made the videos in 3 hours, the scenes, it was funny and exhausting in the same time, now the heavy part : to edit the movie and to find proper music for the video, Sunday night and Monday afternoon we work, me with Cristina, Biljana, Yuri and Oliver, it wasn’t to hard because when you work in a team it is easier to do it right.

Now I will speak about kindergarten and after I will post the movie and the pictures to see our work.

Yesterday at my kindergarten the Osijek TV came to film the kids, how they play, what activities they doing, I was disappointed because they told me only the kids has to be on TV and I told them I am a kid too :D, this week we will go the library and museum so I will tell about this in the next post. Hello Teta’s 😀

Pictures and the movie:

P.S:  The movie I will post later because I can’t upload now, I don’t know why

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