Hello, hello

It just past another week and now it is time to write again on my blog, to keep you inform about what’s happened in our EVS project.

First thing I want to write it is about kindergarten, last week I was only with one of the teta so many interesting things happened, for example: I was a teacher 😛 because sometimes I was alone with kids and of course I had a lot work to do to keep they attention and to listen to me, I’ve became a basketball coach, we played a lot of basketball last week and today too because now the kids all the time wants to play with me, with my tetas everything it is very good, today one of the teta bring to her a jacket for me because here it is very cold, I don’t know why but now here it is more cold than in Romania and I don’t understand why I can’ used to, so because of that and because I have 4 wonderful tetas at my kindergarten now I have a new jacket :D.

This week a guy from Macedonia will come here in Osijek to teach us how to make a movie or commercial for EVS so I think it will be very interesting and I’m looking forward to do that.

This week-end we went to cinema to see Immortals 3D, it was very nice and last night we went to a coffee with one friend from here.

Last Friday we received the visa and that’s it for this week.

Read safe, till next week

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