Council of Europe visited me

Hi guys, again

In the last post I didn’t write too many thing and now I fell like I have to write more than usually,

So, let’s start:

Monday, I was at kindergarten and now I have a different approach with kids because from now I want to teach them some things in English, of course we play a lot and it is hard but with patience it can be done, later in that day I went to another group to play with new kids because I want to see if I can handle to play with them even they don’t know me.

Tuesday we went to Danijela’s place to take what we won (food) and I was very satisfied because the food was very good, after the lunch we made the schedule for the site. Wednesday at kindergarten I did a very nice thing, I recycled paper, with a secret recipe (my Teta knows it) to specificy more I took a very old paper and I made a new paper :D, later in that day we had an important thing to do (Me, Cristina and Yuri) so, we went to the Bus Station to pick somebody from Council of Europe, very important thing, the interesting part was this person is Romanian :D. Now to explain, she was here because Thursday it was a conference and she had to present some stuff, the name of this conference was Democracy 5, organized by 5 Youth Centers, one of this was CNC so we had to be there, I didn’t understand too many things because the conference was in Croatian language, but Cristina translate me some parts, after this conference we took lunch and after me, Cristina, Yuri and Mara we went to the city, to show her  Osijek, to see how beautiful it is :P, in the night we were at a coffee, so we spend quality time with Mara and we talk a lot about projects and trainings, I was very happy because I had opportunity to speak in Romanian with another person. We learned new stuff about Council of Europe, to be clear: Council of Europe it’s not the same with European Council because I saw a lot of persons that don’t know that.

In the last part I want to tell you guys, now I’m web developer and web designer ( I’m joking), we start to work more than before at the web site and now I can tell you, we made some progress but still we have a lot work to do. I think I covered all things that happened last week, aaaa…Wednesday night Andelko and Danijela wanted to leave us (me and Cristina) at the gas station, because I told them I know all the city and they wanted to see if I can return home ( be careful in the future, do not be so proud if you know something). I am just joking:)))

Till next week, all the best for you

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