Life in Osijek


We have already 2 months since we are here and I fell like I’m here for a long time, many things happened (if you already read my blog you know) but now I just can’t remember :p.

Now I will start to remember what happened last week, Monday I was at kindergarten and we had a short day because next day it was a holiday, so Tuesday we had a free day and nothing happened, we just stayed in our home to watch some movies and play some games. Wednesday I was at kindergarten again and we go to the cemetery to see the candles and to pray :D, Tuesday was the Day of all Saints or something like that, so it was interesting. Friday I wanted to change something in my kindergarten so I was half an hour to another group to play with another kids (my kids weren’t so happy about that), but it is good to do some changes from time to time, I hope my Tetas aren’t upset now 😀

About the bet, I think I won because I do all the 10 things so it is great to do sometimes bets because you are motivated  to do the task, last week everyday I wrote something on the web site, it wasn’t so hard but we still have a lot to do.

I think that’s it so I will see you next week, bye bye

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