Another week

Another week just past and I don’t have a lot things to share or maybe I have, we will se 😀

At kindergarten not many things happened, I just play with kids and you know what can I do more than that? I practice my Croatian with them, this is it a great thing because in this way they have to speak with me in English, I tell something in Croatian and they have to answer in English, good strategy. Now at kindergarten I’m starting to feel better because now I speak with all the tetas and I think they like me and off course I like them, so now I spend quality time there (with kids and tetas). I’m trying to speak with them in Croatian but actually I don’t know many things, the best part it is they really appreciate me because I’m trying, so it is great.

Friday I made a bet with Danijela about the CNC web site, I have to do 10 things in the new site with no help from somebody, if I win they have to cook for us, Danijela and Andelko off course, if I lose I have to cook for them. So Danijela, already I’ve done 5 things, so be prepared!!!

Anything else, Saturday night I was at Lucija birthday party (she is my Croatian teacher), it was nice to socialise with new people and to spend some time with them.

Today I was at kindergarten and I took some pictures of kid’s drawings, here they are:

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