Last Saturday was a regular day until my brother gave me a text on my phone and he said something like this: ‘I am coming to you this night’. I was so excited when I read the message and anxious, he arrived Sunday morning.

After we woke up and ate something we went outside in the city with our bikes to explore and to take pictures, the first thing that I want to show it to my brother was that circuit for bikes, so we went there and we ride a little bit on the circuit, we tried to jump :D, you will see the pictures later, after we got tired we went to the main square to take a lot of pictures of this beautiful city. When we arrived home I was so tired but happy because I’ve had the opportunity to spend a beautiful Sunday with my brother. Now comes the best part of my brother’s travel, me and Cristina took his car and we went around the city, it was very nice to drove again a car.

Monday I was in the morning at my kindergarden but I was anxious to come back home to spend my day with my brother. We watch pictures from the other day and after we went out to Youth Center to play pool, off course my brother kick us at pool, me and Yuri. Tuesday my brother left and now I can say it was a great experience to spend again some time, we got a lot of fun.

Now I will put some pictures my brother took, enjoy:

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