Last week

Last week in kindergarten we had a lot of activities and  many interesting things happened. Will begin to tell you something and then I’ll put a photo gallery with gifts from children to me.
So I just learned that in kindergarten where I go I  do more activities than in Cristina’s and Yuri’s kindergartens such as:
Wednesday I cook  bread, bread was very successful that I even ate it for lunch, it was very fun to play with dough and make photos of you  in the kitchen and when you’re dirty: P. Friday we had a little party with kids in the gym.It  was very nice, children perform a folklore song, very nice, then we grown-ups have had a party that was really nice so I had the opportunity to get to  know all the teachers and talked with them, I didn’t understood much because  they spoke mostly in Croatian: P

P.S : Next post I will write about the surprise my brother made by coming here and I will show you pictures with him and Yuri

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