In the last post I was saying about me at Theater for kids, so…lasta monday we were with kids at Bad Wolf Story, it was a nice story and the actors were really good, unfortunately I didn’t understand too much because it was in Croatian language but it was pretty funny when kids laughing loud, after we went in the park and playing with sand and with all the things there. I was very impressed when Tom go up in one of the house by himself to show me he can o it alone.

About Kindergarden, I have two teacher (Teta), they are very nice and kind, I am very happy because we get a long with each other. The kids they are very nice to me, we play a lot, they teach me croatian, draw together, sing, and so many things. Yesterday we went outside and played football, basketball and the kids were very happy, after i was taking Nick in my arms and we play like Nick was Superman, of course after that all the kids wanted to be Superman, I was very tired at the end.

Those kids they really make my happy and i wish the feelings is mutual, I think the most beautiful feeling is when I go in the morning and all the kids scream ‘Victoreeeee’  and they come to take me in their arms. I hope and I wish for now on to be much nicer and more fun.


P.S : On my way to the Youth Center I meet one kind from kindergarden and she was very shine,  so sweet 😀

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