What happened to me


This is my hone for next 11 months, it is a very nice apartment and we have all things that we need, it was a pleasant surprise for me, i didn’t expect that. So to be even more perfect my brother come here in Osijek to brings us stuff (clothes,microwave,pillow) that it is pretty cool ah? Unfortunately he stayed one night because had to leave.

I almost forgot to say that, we was at Orahovica for on arrival training, i will post some pictures now to see how was it, it was a great experience for me, i learn so many things about EVS and the most important think was to me to be able to communicate in english and do not forgot  i made many friends there.

I start my “jobs” at the Youth Center and at the Kindergarten.

At the Youth Center we have the main task to promovate EVS, how we do that? write blogs, write on the web site, local events and we have to do a short movie to promovate EVS. At the Youth Club we have a pool table, football table,computers with internet. That it is very nice because we have a lot of things to do there and we never get bored.

At the Kindergarten the main task is to teach kids english, for me it is a good thing because in that way i can learn croatian language. I have already two days at the kindergarten since i ve start it and i’m very happy because the kids like me very much, we play games, we sing, i put the kid to speak in croatian language only that words that i want to learn :D, so it is a great idea because in that way they learn english and me i learn croatian. Next week we are going at the kid’s Theatre and i’m very excited. So i will post more news soon.

I hope it was interesting for you so please leave a comment.


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