EVS-European Voluntary Service is for people with ages between 18-30 years old and give the opportunity for a non formal education.

So how i got into : http://ec.europa.eu/youth/youth-in-action-programme/european-voluntary-service_en.htm that was the first step,  after that i search an organization from Romania, it is very important to do that because it is more easy to get to know more stuff about EVS and to find a project, that was the second step, the next step was to contact the organization and  meet with them,simple no?

Ok , after that we go to find projects from this site youth-projects@yahoogroups.com, or you can search an organization on your own.

In this process there are  involved European Comission, National Agency,Sending Organization, Hosting Organization, coordinating Organization, Supervisor, Mentor.

Now to explain:

European Comision- give money

National Agency-aproves projects and give money to organizations and supervise activity of them

Sending Organization-search projects,give info to people,prepare for the EVS,trainings,documents and all the things that are necessary

Hosting Organization-insurance a place for volunteer to stay ,insurance a place for work,give money

Coordinating Organization-give money, it happens most of the time the coordinating organization is the same with hosting organization

Supervisor-maintenance the activity

Mentor-give advise and search  solutions for problems

If you want to know more leave a replay or comment

See´ya soon


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